And down the rabbit hole we go....


[caption id="attachment_6" align="alignright" width="225"]And down the rabbit hole we go!!! And down the rabbit hole we go!!![/caption] I read somewhere recently, that in order for a person to be truly happy, he or she needs to create the perfect opportunity. Now, I both agree and disagree with that statement on many levels, but in the case of Sorcha, I feel the author may not have been too far off the mark. It has taken me, literally, YEARS to sort out the perfect way to meld together my jewelry design, my love of Yoga, my Reiki practice and my educational endeavors. (Many of you may, or may not know that I do in fact have a Masters degree and am in the process of getting my family and myself ready to dive into my PhD. But that is a whole other story....) So, after TOO much time contemplating, to consider, to evaluate, the perfect way to proceed, I have decided to just do it... And yes, I'm hyperventilating a wee bit, but I'm sure that to will pass.. I hope... ;) So, I'll start with an update on my Yoga, as I am still in my clothes from my workout this evening and I'm excited about it... REALLY, excited about it! I have decided to undertake my RYT200 or Registered Yoga Teacher 200 certification. I had wanted to do my training while we were in India, but the timing simply wasn't ideal.  Those of you who know me, realize immediately that I am NOT your typical yogi. I'm not willowy and lithe and... well... What one would expect from a Yoga instructor. However, that is the very reason that I feel I'll be good at it! That being said, I am endeavoring to undertake what I call, 'A Year of Yoga'. This photo journal, along with bits and bobs regarding yoga and it's practice, will be readily available on this blog, and will (I hope) show picture of me every day I practice yoga for a year. It should prove interesting and show, I hope, a subtle but obvious change.  At least, that is my goal. Well, that's it for this evening... I needed to start somewhere and this seems like as good a place as any! Hope you are having a good evening and I look forward to having you back in the coming days!! Fondly, Sarah :)

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