Even The Toys Are Doing Yoga....


A Quick, but Funny Story... My daughter was tasked this past week with bringing home her Classrooms Mouse, named Matthew Mouse.  (There were simply no words for how thrilled I was to learn Matthew was stuffed, and not of the squeaky and cheese eating variety) :)  Matthew had been to our home once before, during the month of August, when we took him exciting places which included, a Civil War reenactment where we learned how to fire a cannon (Very-Cool...). The slush and unfavorable weather that has been pelting Northern Virginia this month, has predominantly kept us indoors...  And Matthews visit has been, and I'm quoting, 'BORING'...  Bummer....  So, one of the activities my daughter devised to keep Matthew busy was to teach him Yoga.   This picture is, of course, Downward Dog.  Apparently, he has also mastered Tree and Cobra. I'm told he doesn't like Childs Pose, but he's great at touching his toes...  Oh my.... I'm thrilled that my practice is rubbing off on my children, but shudder to think what her teacher will say tomorrow at carpool :) Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

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