I am participating in the Under Armour Yoga Challenge, and today is Day 11!  I'm sad to be missing all the fun at the UA Performance Center each morning, but I'm thrilled to be taking my practice in such a focused and intentional direction. Our focus this week is on deepening our practice and opening the Heart Chakra!  We'd love for you to join us, so message me if your interested and I'll forward you all the information!!! So, I'm SUPPOSED to be posting on Instagram, but am having issues... (translated to mean, I'm utterly backwards when it comes to technology) and I haven't quite figured out the bugs.  That being said, I have pictures piling up, so I've decided to post a few :) AND, I'm hoping this makes it to my Twitter Feed....  Yes... I have a Twitter Feed.... @SorchaHolistics I'd like to Thank @culturallyfit and @bmalafa for pushing me to do better and be better!! And to thank everyone who's inspired me thus far in the challenge!  You ROCK!!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!! #uayoga #yogachallenge #UAYogaChallenge #Warrior1 #Virabhadrasana 1

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