Month One is COMPLETE!!!!


It's hard to believe, the first month of, 'A Year of Yoga' is complete! Yesterday, I successfully guided my first 20 minute practice-class and I LOVED IT!!!  A significant portion of my RYT200 training is 'Instruction', and I'm to present a 20 minute class to my instructor next weekend. I'll be honest, having never lead a class like this, I was a wee bit apprehensive... But, I really enjoyed it and hope the lovely ladies that took part enjoyed it as well! To that end, it's been brought to my attention that a family oriented Yoga Class would be well received, and to be honest, I'd REALLY enjoy it.  I adore spending time with my children and sharing my practice with them, and I'm thrilled that other mums share my enthusiasm.  It is a good indication to me that I am on the right path and that the excitement in my practice shows. :) If any of you have taken part in a family yoga class (think a Mommy and Me yoga class, or a Mother-Daughter yoga class) please drop me a line with the details!  Not only would I love to take part in a class like that with my children, I would be interested  in how it's run. Thank you to everyone who's been incredibly supportive during month 1 of, 'A Year of Yoga'!  I'm thrilled to be heading into Month 2!!! Namaste and have a wonderful week! S.

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