A year of Yoga....


So, I officially began my 'Year of Yoga' on January 20th.  It was a soft launch as far as great beginnings go...  I simply decided the 20th was the day.  It wasn't the first of the month, or even a Monday... It was just simply that day I remembered to take my picture and begin a longstanding inevitable journey....  By that, I mean it seems to be the first step in the rest of my life and I'm rather excited about that!! So, a few things about Yoga that you may or may not know:
  • The word Yoga, means to 'yoke' or 'to bind'.
  • Yoga, while a very spiritual practice, and is not per say, religious.  Yes, Hinduism and Yoga are closely related, however Yoga is not a religion, nor was it meant to be....  Yoga is more a means of enlightenment and self discovery.
  • The study of Yoga has eight limbs or branches:
  1. Yama- the guidelines regarding ones morality towards others.
  2. Niyama- the guidelines regarding ones moral behavior toward ones self.
  3. Asana- the postures practiced in yoga to achieve healthy and fulfillment in life.
  4. Pranayama- the practice of yogic breathing.
  5. Pratyhara- the practice of controlling of ones senses.
  6. Dharana- the practice of concentration to cultivate an inner awareness.
  7. Dhyana- the practice of meditation, specifically that of the divine.
  8. Samadhi- the union of, or joining, with the divine.
So, I guess that's it.  I should be studying for my exam on Saturday, but here I am... Typing away and trying hard NOT to face the fact that I am sorely lacking in my knowledge of human physiology and Sanskrit...  Anyhow. I hope you have an amazing Thursday and I look forward to seeing you again soon! S. PS- I'm slowly sorting out how to use Wordpress, so please be patient.  I'll get it sorted eventually. :)

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