What's better than FREE STUFF on Tuesday?!?


As fate would have it, I am looking for a handful of lovely volunteers to help test my Intentional Intention Bracelets!  If you'd be so kind as to volunteer, I will post you the bracelet, informational card and feedback request. I simply ask that you follow the instructions, wear the bracelet and give me your invaluable feedback! IMG_2269Each of these unique bracelets are adorned with Bodhi or 'Enlightenment' beads and are strung on multicolored silk. Bodhi seeds come from the Rudraksha plant, and are believed to help maintain health and to assist in achieving the path to enlightenment. All the Bodhi beads used in Sorcha creations are from Nepal and were hand chosen for each piece! I look forward to your feedback and thank you in advance for any and all input! Thank you!   S.

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