When It Snows... Make Snow Cream!!!


With the lovely snow blanketing Northern Virginia, I thought it was an EXCELLENT time to revisit my Snow Cream Recipe, and share it with all of you!! Yummy Snow Cream!! 1 Cup Half and Half 1/3 Cup Sugar 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla 6 Cups Snow
Mix the half and half, sugar and vanilla until the sugar in a large bowl until it is dissolved. Add the snow one cup at a time, mixing constantly. You'll think it really isn't working, until voila' it suddenly becomes Snow Cream!!  Keep the Snow Cream frozen until you are ready to eat it!  Easy Peasy!!! A few side notes: We made our Snow Cream outside... It's much easier and less messy than bringing snow into the kitchen.  The trade off is that you need to measure your ingredients before hand, so it take a wee bit more preparation. That's it!  Enjoy a lovely and warm Tuesday!! S.

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