NOW I've done it....


I did it.... I think I might be a bit lightheaded...  Or, is it nerves...  Or is it panic slowly making its way up my back and finally reaching my brain...  It could be all of them. But, I did it...  I have FINALLY chosen the remainder of my classes to complete my doctorate...  I'm excited... And scared, but more excited I think.  Maybe. Those of you who know me, know it has been a VERY long journey to get back to my studies and complete my PhD.  I've wanted to, and hoped to, but the timing never seemed right.  Well, let's face it, the timing will never BE right. I have three small children, a busy husband, a lovely Holistic Practice and a beautiful jewelry line.  I'm busy.  Really busy.  It's close to midnight now and I haven't even considered what I'll pack in lunches for tomorrow, but my mind is racing, so here I am. I did it!!!  So, just for tonight, I'm not going to think about the papers, and exams and LONG hours of studying and the frustration that is sure to come.  I'll just be excited... (I'm still pretty sure that isn't panic...  But, check back and see... You never know:) [caption id="attachment_254" align="alignnone" width="960"]IMG_9914 The calm before the storm :)[/caption]

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