Caring For Your Jewelry

Caring for and maintaing your jewelry can be very easy, if you take a few simple steps!

Gold and silver scratches very easily, and believe it or not, some gems (emeralds and aquamarines for instance) can chip when banged around. If at all possible keep your jewelry items seperated either in a box, small drawstring pouches or even tissue paper.

Cleaning can be as simple as a weak soap solution, or the use of a polishing cloth. NEVER soak jewelry or use any type of harsh cleaner, especially on pearls… Many cleaners will damage the silk the pearls are strung on and damage the nacre of the pearls themselves. Pearls should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. (Yes, I know we ALL heard this from our Mothers, but she was right). As for restringing pearls, it is recommended that they be restrung every few years… that being said, just pay attention to the silk. If it doesn’t show wear, don’t rush out and have them restrung. HOWEVER, if you see any fraying at all, take care of it right away.. better safe than sorry.

Lastly, if any of your pieces are showing a bit of wear, take them to the jeweler (or if there are one of our pieces email us!!) It is MUCH better to maintain your jewelry with small repairs every now and again, then spend your time searching for your lost jewelry or worse yet, having to do without your favorite piece.

Let us know if you have any questions!!
The Sorcha Design Team

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