The Trials and Tribulations of a Blog...

So, we have been told that we are going about this whole blogging task the wrong way. Oops…

In our efforts to better serve the blogging world, here is our latest attempt!

The newest line that will soon be gracing the Sorcha Designs pages were inspired by our latest trip to England. And now that the jet lag has worn off completely, it it time that we share the exciting new useless trivia that is now crowding our feeble brains.

The first thing that we learned as traversing the country side with a FABULOUS tour company called Cotswold Roaming (here is their web site if you are wanting to check them out is that the Celtic people did not only reside in Ireland and Scotland. Insofar as the Celts go, they were ALL OVER the place. If you look in Wikipedia (what ever did we do before Google and Wikipedia?!?) you will find that the Celtic nations are areas of Europe inhabited by members of Celtic cultures, specifically those who use Celtic languages. We were so excited that we tracked down a symbol of the Celtic nations that you will find on a pendant we have crafted in silver.

And speaking of all over the place, it is believed that the Celts might have even made it to China during the bronze age. There have been a number of mummies found in the Tarim Basin region of China that have either red or blonde hair and blue eyes! Their textiles and clothes also seem to indicate that they are Celtic Descent! All we have to say about that is WOW…. But back to locations closer at hand. The Celtic culture and history is fascinating! And while we could ramble on about this topic for hours suffice to say that many of the designs that will debut in the coming weeks are gleaned from the rich Celtic Heritage that we were lucky enough to experience on our holiday to England. Stay tuned!!

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