What's in a name?

As this is my first Weblog, I would appreciate everyone’s patience…. I have been wracking my brain for something witty or amazing to share with all of you, but all that has done is delay my weblog… for weeks. So, here it goes.

A name… how insignificant and seemingly so very small a name seems until you can’t come up with one. Naming my business Sorcha Designs was an inspiration brought on by a convergence of some pretty insurmountable forces. The first was my husband, the second was Google, and last by certainly not least was my lack of patience….

I first must say that had it not been for Kevin (the aforementioned husband), Sorcha Designs would not exist. I owe him my happiness on SO many levels. Secondly, I have NO idea how society as a whole functioned prior to the advent of Google! There is not one aspect of my business that has not been impacted by those 6 fateful letters. I truly can not remember a time when I did not Google something to find the answer. And well, that is how I came upon Sorcha.

Sorcha is of Irish or Gaelic origin and means bright or radiant. It is also a variation of the Anglicized name Sarah. I wish I could say I had an epiphany and Sorcha came to me out of the annual of Irish history. But the truth of the matter is I was up late one night, trying to come up with a name and Googled myself to see what I could find. The more specific I tried to get in the vain hope that I would somehow be found amongst the millions of people in the world, the more frustrated I got. So, I Google, ‘Sarah and Irish’ and “Poof” somehow in the vast and instantaneous search that is Google, I found Sorcha.

So maybe it was Fate. Perhaps it was Destiny. Or could it simply have been dumb luck? I just don’t know. But I am thankful every day, that when I hit search that fateful night, Sorcha popped up… So I guess the entire point of this entry is to reaffirm to not only myself but to anyone whom is reading this blog, that any and every answer you could possibly ever want can be found on Google. Perhaps that is how you found your way here!

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